How to Identify a Scammer or Salt Daddy on a Sugar Daddy Dating Site

In most cases, the majority of the contacts you will get in the first two weeks of being on a sugar daddy dating site will mostly be scammers/salt daddies. Do not despair this is normal, finding a sugar daddy requires lots of patience. After you register on a sugar daddy dating site, you will immediately receive a huge bunch of messages from potential sugar daddies. You should never use this as an indicator of how things will be in the future. Scammers send most of these messages to lure and scam new sugar babies.

To recognize genuine sugar daddies from the fake ones, we have compiled tips on ways to identify and avoid scammers and salt daddies on sugar daddy dating sites.

1). Most scammers usually propose very generous offers, which are very generous and unrealistic. Scammers make these high offers to make you think, “but what if it is real? It’s got to be worth sending him a few private photos to find out.”

2). When a potential sugar daddy insists that you send them your private photos without engaging in any other conversations and getting to know you more, he is a typical salt daddy. Block him and move on, he doesn't have anything to offer you.

3). Always remember that any potential sugar daddy who attempts to make you transfer money to them or requests for your bank account number is a scammer. A genuine sugar daddy will never ask you for money.

4). If a potential sugar daddy instantly sends you a number or email etc. to take the conversation off sugar daddy dating site immediately. The possibility of him being a scammer is pretty high.

5). If a potential sugar daddy starts offering you money before a meeting up, you should be cautious. You may never know his intentions.

6). If a potential sugar daddy resides in a different location and requests, you book a flight to visit them, also be very careful. Always remember, safety should is a sugar babies number one priority, legit sugar daddies understand this and can never suggest an unreasonable demand.

7). Real sugar daddies will rarely keep in contact with you for more than a few weeks. Many of them shift to the next sugar baby within two weeks. However, most scammers and salt daddies are always very patient and will keep in contact for a long time.

8). If you are unsure if you are dealing with a scammer or salt daddy, you can always search for his photos on Google Images or check out for his pictures on

Safety Tips to Follow When Meeting a Potential Sugar Daddy

1). Never meet with a potential sugar daddy in a strange or secluded location especially on the first date. Ensure they visit you on the first date; most genuine sugar daddies will always be willing to visit you.

2). Do not reveal too much of your personal information before the first date, such as your phone number, workplace, etc.

3). Do not tell a potential sugar daddy your bank account or PayPal account before meeting up.

4). Pick a public place for the first meet and do not enjoy food or drinks from an unknown source.

5). After the end of your first date, it is advisable to go home alone.

6). There's no such thing as a free lunch, always keep a cool head especially when you receive generous offers.

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